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Dr Rekha P D

Professor and Deputy Director Biotechnology... View Profile

Dr Arun Bhagwath

Professor and Deputy Director Biosciences... View Profile

Dr T S Keshav Prasad

Professor and Deputy Director Discovery of biomarkers and therapeutic targets in... View Profile

Dr Chandrashekhar K R

Professor Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Biodiversity an... View Profile

Dr Airody Vasudeva Adhikari

Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry: Molecular design of n... View Profile

Dr R Shyama Prasad Rao

Faculty Bioinformatics, Data analysis... View Profile

Dr Yashodhar Bhandary

Associate Professor Involved in the molecular mechanism of lung fibros... View Profile

Dr R C Koumar

Associate Professor Epigenetics, Molecular Cell Biology, Cancer Biolog... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Raju

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Omics Integrative Data Science; Signal transductio... View Profile

Dr Bipasha Bose

Assistant Professor Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine... View Profile

Dr Sudheer Shenoy P

Assistant Professor Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine... View Profile

Dr Ashwini Prabhu

Assistant Professor Angiogenesis inhibition and immunomodulation in ca... View Profile

Dr Suparna Laha

Assistant Professor Molecular biology, cell biology, yeast genetics, c... View Profile

Dr Divya Lakshmanan M

Assistant Professor Endocrine disruptors and its effects, Immuno-endoc... View Profile

Dr Prashant Kumar Modi

Assistant Professor Neurobiology, Dissecting the signaling mechanism i... View Profile

Dr Renjith P Johson

Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Nanoscience,... View Profile

Dr Shankar P Das

Assistant Professor DNA replication... View Profile

Dr Raghu Bhushan

Assistant Professor Molecular Biology, Transcriptomics, RNA Biology an... View Profile

Dr Venkateshan Jayachandran

Assistant Professor Tissue engineering and drug delivery... View Profile

Dr Rajesh P Shastry

Assistant Professor Quorum sensing, Protein Expression, Vaccine develo... View Profile

Dr Shobha Dagamajalu

Assistant Professor Molecular based diagnosis for the infectious disea... View Profile

Dr Bhagya N

Assistant Professor Phytochemistry, in vitro cell and tissue culture, ... View Profile

Dr Ranajit Das

Assistant Professor Evolutionary and Population genetics, Biostatistic... View Profile

Dr Sebanti Gupta

Assistant Professor Structural Biology using mainly Solid and Solution... View Profile

Dr Arnab Datta

Assistant Professor Proteomics, Ischemic stroke and Dementias, Kidney ... View Profile